Top hunting and fishing tools for the UK

Top hunting and fishing tools for the UK

This list does not include firearms as they are not really accessible here in the UK but obviously you can get these items all throughout the world so its worth having a look.

TBS Grizzly

A good knife is the most important tool any prepper/hunter/bushcrafter can carry. It should always be attached to your belt so no matter what happens you have a good tool at your disposal. They offer great utility depending on the knife and also you can get knives like tanto blades that could be dismantled and used as spear heads. Get a small paracord handled knife if you want a spear as they are easier to take apart and the paracord can then secure the head to a shaft. You can get away with multiple knives for different jobs but always make sure you spend the extra money and get one really good knife for your belt that wont let you down when you need it the most.

Bow or Crossbow
Both have their advantages but one obviously takes more skill than the other. A bow requires consistency in the archers abilities where as a crossbow will basically fire the same way every time. If you can shoot a bow I would say take this over the crossbow as its smaller and lighter while also offering the option to be dismantled (depending on its type) and put into a backpack. I would suggest looking into a compound bow for hunting as they offer a relief of up to 85% when drawn enabling you to aim more freely. There are many entry-level bows that offer great diversity in pull weight, giving you a versatile bow that can be adjusted for multiple users.

Pistol Crossbow
You can use this for hunting smaller game like rabbits or birds if you can get close enough but I would probably just take it to a shallow river and get some fish with it. As its much more compact than a bow or full-sized crossbow its an ideal companion in a bug out bag and offers a very good deterrent to would be attackers. They are also very cheap compared to full-sized bows and crossbows so its worth getting one of these pretty early on for your kit.

Many different sizes and types of traps can be purchased for different game but most of them (at least modern ones) are pretty simple to set up and can be used without bait if placed along obvious animal runs. They can be quite heavy, especially if you carry multiple traps, but they last a lifetime and allow the users to focus on other means of hunting or building shelter, while offering an additional means of securing food.

Spears and Atlatls
These come in various types such as barbed, trident or the ever popular boar spear depending on the game you are pursuing. As the heads are rather small they can be easily stored in a bag and then you can make handles up as and when required. You can also turn knives into spears and there are many variations of this tool that can be very effective, such as the atlatl. If you aren’t familiar with the alatl, check some out online as they are really great tools for hunters.

Well I’m not a fan of ball bearings but lately there have been multiple versions of sling-bows appearing that make them work essentially as a pistol crossbow. They are small and require little maintenance. They offer the ability to reload much faster than a pistol crossbow and the additional ability to use pretty much anything from bb’s and arrows to small stones as ammo. What more can you want from a weapon than unlimited ammo everywhere you walk. These tools are very portable and can be pulled out quickly in order to catch something spur of the moment.

Snare Wire
This is just another form of trap that’s much smaller and lighter, although knowledge and skill are required to make an effective trap. You can use paracord also and I often replace handles on my knives with paracord giving me many options from one tool. Also paracord belts are widely available which can obviously give you more uses than just a normal leather or nylon belt.

Fishing Kit
It doesn’t take a genius to grab some line and a hook find a few worms and set up by a river for a few hours. They tend to be very cheap, so there’s no reason to not carry one in a bug out bag and in a pinch you could even use the line and hook to stitch wounds. I think it’s a definite must have for anybody intending to go outdoors for a long period of time.


There are many tools out there that can cover a range of tasks which can save you weight in a pack and money in your wallet. You can get a fishing kit that works with snare wire, a knife that can work as a spear, a slingshot that works like a mini crossbow and even a hammock could be used to make a trap, if you know what you are doing. No one tool or method can guarantee you a successful bounty, so always utilise as many options that are available to you.



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