Morakniv Eldris Review

Morakniv Eldris Review

Morakniv Eldris ReviewHere we have the Mora Eldris and at first glance it’s a very strange knife. It does have its own charm though and I think it could be a surprisingly useful blade for EDC. Mora developed this as a rival to the folding blade. I know it doesn’t fold, but the idea is a small knife to match the size of a folder while still having a fixed blade for more strength.

The blade is made of 12C27 stainless steel and is 2.2″/5.6cm long and 2mm thick. Its overall length is 5.6″/14.3cm and it weighs only 80 grams. The handle is covered in a rubbery thermoplastic for grip and the sheath is the usual Mora plastic.

The sheath is a little bit weird but I like it. First you have the normal option of having just the handle being secured by the sheath. I shook it violently and it didn’t even rattle so it’s very secure but Mora have given us an optional leather clip also. It loops around the outside of the sheath and clips in using a few raised parts that really help hold it firmly on the sheath (I could barely get it back off when I wanted to take some pictures). This gives the sheath a second point for securing the blade for those who fear the otherwise strong sheath hold to be less than required. I guess its perfect for if you are going to keep the blade in a bag or your pocket rather than around your neck, it certainly wont work its way free. I haven’t tried it to see how secure it would be but it’s about the right size to attach the sheath to some molle which is a bonus. This sheath came with a small length of paracord and a ferro rod. There is a little tab made of leather on the firesteel that looks nice, but I suspect its purpose is for looping around the rod for an easier grip, which I don’t think is needed, but it does work.

The handle of the Eldris is rather large compared to the blade. It’s just large enough to fit perfectly in my hand with no overhang but I wouldn’t really call it full-sized. It’s certainly thick enough for a full-sized handle and you get a very nice grip on it. It’s nicely textured and really quite comfortable. My only criticism about this blade really is that as a neck knife it’s quite bulky. It’s lighter than most of my other neck knives but as the handle is so thick you do notice it underneath a shirt, but it’s not so large that it’s bothersome.

So now I can talk to you about the blade and first I have to mention that, although it’s small, it looks menacing. It looks like a prison shiv McGyver would make. It has a Scandi grind for ease of sharpening and obviously you wont ever be processing firewood with this knife, but it was a very good size for feathering some shavings for tinder. It’s not a thick blade. but because its short it feels very durable and the secondary bevel around the tip makes it thinner for  light cutting tasks, it’s great for cutting cordage when you are setting up a makeshift shelter. As it’s a small blade, I would also be comfortable using it to process some gam,e as you couldn’t really lose control of something this size and I’d even have a go at whittling a spoon (well I’d rather shiv a spoon but that just doesn’t seem feasible).

I’m usually surprised by Mora knives as I generally dislike their look and shape but I’m never disappointed to use them. They are always comfortable in hand and very good quality for the price and the Eldris is no exception. I do like it. I mean I wouldn’t carry it around my neck, but I would certainly leave it in an emergency pouch or attach it to the outside of my pack. I think it has its place and I’m sure you will too.



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