Geigerrig Hydration System Review

Geigerrig Hydration System Review.

This is a full system that is developed by Hydrapak with Geigerrig and Aquamira to give you one of the best hydration systems on the market.

Geigerrig Hydration System ReviewFirst off it’s a pressurised system, or you put pressure into it with the little hand pump that attaches via a separate tube. It also uses an internal air pocket which has several advantages over just pressurising the container. As the pocket extends the full length of the reservoir, it means that it supports the water and prevents the pack from sagging. The pump is separate so you don’t get fluid back-washing into the hand-pump which keeps it clean and easier to maintain and it also means that you can completely remove the hand pump, and use it more like a traditional hydration system, without compromising the seal of the reservoir in any way. The air and water tubes also come with thread-less, quick-disconnect valves which really help to put this system together in small packs.

I’ve watched a demo of this system by the founder Bob Geiger and he actually jumps on this pack while its full. When I say jump it’s not as extreme as you might think, but if you watched it you would know what I mean, it certainly holds his weight. I wouldn’t want to stamp on the thing as hard as I could to find its limits, but part of the durability comes with the nylon fabric on the back of the reservoir that helps protect it from any gear in your pack.

So the idea is, you pressure in it after you fill your pack, so that it forms around your items, which makes it use up less room and it allows for some really great options over a normal water bladder. You don’t need to suck on it as it sprays it into your mouth or onto/into whatever you fancy. So you can spray a nice (not powerful) stream into your dog’s mouth or share with a friend or even clean down some dirty boots or anything-else you desire. I really like this as its a simple alteration that allows for far more uses out of a hydration system that usually ends up being wasted. This reservoir is 3 litres (there’s also a 2ltr option available) so its more than you would usually need on a day out which means you have plenty to spare for your dog and you don’t need to carry a water bowl for them which is great for me as i usually forget that and have to cup my hands together, also I have two dogs, so while they fight for water and end up spilling most of it, this actually saves me from wasting as much.Geigerrig Hydration System Review

The whole reservoir can be pulled inside-out and thrown in the dishwasher to be cleaned, which just adds to its ease of use, and its done thanks to the slide top seal which also minimises its profile in your pack. It’s BPA and phthalate free, but best of all it comes co-developed with Aquamira’s filtration systems.

Geigerrig Hydration System ReviewThe Frontier Max filter I have comes with a ‘Red Line’ filter but you can also get the ‘Green Line’ filter which is cheaper. The difference between the two is that the red filter has the capability to remove 99.99% of viruses where as the green does not. Both filters however have a 99.9% cyst removal and 99.9999% bacteria removal rate and will filter 11 gallons for the green and 120 gallons for the red, so they will probably last you quite a while as it will last over 150 refills of the 3ltr reservoir. Basically if you go out once a week they will last you approximately 3 years, and you can always stock up on a few extra.


Overall, like the hydration packs made by Geigerrig, this hydration system is one of the best on the markets at the moment. If you aren’t going to spend the money getting a pack from Geigerrig I would certainly suggest you look into their water reservoirs. They are tough, come with water filter compatibility that is above the average on the market, and feature the all important pressurising system that gives you more options and utility with your water while also helping to keep your back cool. I wont be using anything else. Ever.

Geigerrig Hydration System Review
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