Survive Uk Prepper Shop

Hi guys just a quick post going over our aims for the year. You may have noticed that we have our Uk Prepper Shop up and running and we have scoured the web in search of the best kit available. I left the ‘Under Construction’ tag up when it was actually ready but that’s fixed now. We will be adding more items (and removing some bad ones) over time as and when we find them but, we are currently limited by it being an affiliate Uk Prepper Shop. Once we have everything up and running we will be looking to start selling our own products but, this won’t be happening for a month or two.

Here is a list of our current work in progress:

  • More product reviews
  • Site blog (what me and the Sgt. Prepper get up to while we are out in world)
  • Video reviews
  • Theme update and redesign
  • Affiliate uk prepper shop
  • More general prepping
  • More prepper DIY
  • Giveaways !
Uk Prepper Shop
More knife reviews coming soon !

There are a couple of things I have left out as I want them to remain a surprise, but we aim to go into maximum gear over the summer. I will be looking to get out and about with Sgt. Prepper and wild camping as much as possible.

We are working on some survival tins and bracelets and there’s also some designs going between us on a ‘SurviveUK Knife’. We want some sort of survival/bushcraft blade because the Sarge has been dying to design his own blade for years. That will be available once we have done some thorough testing and if we are lucky we can rope in a special knife maker for us who we’ve been in contact with over the last few months.

We are also looking to collaborate with some of the other UK prepping community via blogging or even youtube over the coming months and will be looking to expand our team with another writer as soon as we can find a suitable candidate, If you think thats you please get in touch

If you happen to come across and errors within our Uk Prepper Shop please feel free to email me on the above address also and I will get them fixed asap. We have also created a affiliate-disclaimer and terms-of-use for the Uk Prepper Shop so be sure to check those out also.

Is there anything you would like us to cover ? Current events or more survival/bushcraft tutorials ? please comment here or on social media and we will bring you the content you need.

[x_alert heading=”Chrome and Firefox Phishing Attack Uses Domains Identical to Known Safe Sites” type=”danger”]I would also like to hijack this post to make you all aware of a vulnerability in chrome and firefox browsers. Click HERE for more info. [/x_alert]


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