Mora Companion Review

Mora Companion Review
Here we have the Mora Companion which is one of the cheapest knives that Morakniv make (Morakniv is their actual name, although as we all know them as Mora, so that’s what I will call them from now on). The companion is also one of their most popular sellers and, given the competition in this price range, it’s really not hard to see why. It costs around £10 but, like all Mora’s I’ve encountered, it is much better quality than the price suggests.
Mora Companion ReviewI will address the elephant in the room. Yes, I know it’s green. Well not green. It’s GREEN! The same sort of neon green that you get in a mint sauce from your local Indian take-away, which makes me hungry when I look at it, but I am a curry fiend. That however is avoidable as there are other colours available to suit your tastes (pun intended).


The sheath is the common shape for the Mora brand and it is functional but needlessly large given its simplicity. The only real problem I have is that one simple change would make this so much better, at least for myself. They need to move the belt loop down on to the body of the sheath and make the handle more accessible by doing so. I know that would make the knife sit higher on your hip but I find that when I go for the blade I’m always grasping at the belt clip at the same time. I did have to shake fairly vigorously but the knife did remove itself from the sheath which is a downside for a survival situation, but for general purposes the sheath retains the blade well enough.


The blade is mirror polished, which is a shame, as I find it makes a knife look cheap. I know this is a cheap knife, but honestly when you hold it, it certainly feels like a good quality piece so a brushed look on it would have been great. It is sharp out of the box and I did remove some hairs but it could do with a little TLC to get it razor-sharp. It has a Scandinavian grind and it appears to have a micro bevel on one side (although it could be the mirror finish playing with my eyes) so it simplifies sharpening a bit, and you could always grind it out as its very small (and possible non-existent).


The handle is again the usual Mora shape and its made of the usual thermo-plastic rubber so it sits comfortably in the hand and feels secure. I think this is one of the ways Mora manages to keep its retail costs down. The have found something that works and have stuck with it. The don’t need to redevelop a handle which costs lots of money and they keep a similar blade design across a few of their models so the sheath design basically works for a large variety of their knives. All of this means they Mora Companion Reviewdon’t have to develop and make new moulds and spend months testing their designs. It just allows you to get some of the benefits of their higher priced blades in a much more affordable package. That’s something I think Mora do very well and it’s something I find most other knife makers avoid. Most companies seem like their cheaper blades were intentionally made worse, so as to encourage you to buy the better and subsequently more expensive models. Mora do not do this. They do make cheaper knives, and they obviously aren’t as good as their better, more expensive knives, but they always feel good and perform well.


So that’s our Mora Companion review. I’ve said it before, I’m not a fan of Mora knives, but I’m never disappointed to use one. For the price you will struggle to find a better all-round knife with this quality and feel. For twice the price I think the only options would be a more expensive Mora’s. Really it’s worth while if you just want a cheap knife for fishing or general outdoor use or you are looking to buy your first knife and want a good place to start. You just cant go wrong with a Mora.
Mora Companion Review
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