Ultra Dry Adventurer Dry Sack

Ultra Dry Adventurer Dry Sack


Well this isn’t going to be a lengthy review, but I thought this was worth giving a bit of attention to. I’ve bought really cheap dry sacks in the past from superstores,Ultra Dry Adventurer Dry Sack just because they were in front of me in an outdoor section, but I never figured there would be a bigger quality difference as price went up. I was pleasantly surprised when I was wrong. I don’t think this is expensive, but I certainly feel like my kit will be much better off inside this that the others I’ve carried. It’s made of a 500D polymer which feels slightly rubbery and is definitely thicker than its cheaper counterparts. The seams have been ‘thermo welded’ to ensure no leakage and the straps have been reinforced for security and durability.

Ultra Dry Adventurer Dry SackMost of us don’t understand size when people talk about litres, so I will say that I had a spare par of shorts and a shirt, a 7 inch survival knife, my phone, keys and wallet and possibly some other small things, but still had plenty of room to put in my hiking boots. So its more than enough room for the general belongings of a single person out for a day of watery fun.

I went out to a not so local ‘tombstoning’ spot which has, in places, some rather violent rapids. I obviously kept my actual gear with me and threw in some random clothing that I didn’t mind loosing, as I was aware my gear could end up at the bottom of a deep and dangerous pile of rapids, but I threw the sack in multiple times in different areas. It held up perfectly well and thanks to the extra space, that was filled with air, floated safely away from the rapids. My clothing was completely dry, so I went on to do some extra testing. I put a few rocks in with my clothing to simulate the weight of say my SLR camera and boots and proceeded to throw it off a 30 foot cliff into some rapids and it still held up perfectly well, not that I would actually throw my camera off a cliff, but it definitely has the quality you want if you do some extreme water sports. At the end of the day I put all my wet clothing in (as I did go for a very chilly swim) and no water leaked back out in to my backpack, so it really done its job flawlessly while I was out.

A dry sack is something that I think all outdoor enthusiasts should own. You don’t have to go kayaking or cliff diving to find the benefits of keeping gear dry, or even keeping wet items separate. I’ve been caught out on a weekend camping in dire conditions and had to throw Ultra Dry Adventurer Dry Sacksoaking clothing into the bottom of my bag which has ruined some other gear such as my sleeping bag, which is why I started carrying dry sacks (incidentally this is big enough to store my sleeping bag), and since coming across this particular one have ordered a couple more for keeping certain things dry while I’m out. In one I tend to have my spare clothing and wallet and keys, and another I keep for random things like some tinder and my food and drink and I really feel better given I cross some big rivers at times which always come with risk of falling in. I looked at this particular brand for a while as I saw some really good reviews and now I can see why.

Ultra Dry Adventurer Dry Sack
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