Kizlyar Supreme Corsair Review

Kizlyar Supreme Corsair Review
Kizlyar Supreme Corsair ReviewWell Kizlyar haven’t been on my radar for very long and they probably haven’t been on yours either, as they have only been going for about 6 years but, they already have an impressive array of blades available all over the world. The thing is that it doesn’t take long with determination and skill to get recognised in the knife industry and Kizlyar have been pushing some good knives out over the last few years. this is the first knife I’ve had by them, and its one of their cheaper blades, but it’s a good indication of a company to see what their lesser models can offer customers. In this I think Kizlyar have done well as I’ve held knives in this price range and above that just don’t have the quality that this Corsair model has.
Kizlyar Supreme Corsair ReviewThe sheath is mostly a basic leather bushcraft style piece. It does have a secondary loop which links into the main belt loop. I don’t know why they do this on their leather sheaths, but I do actually like it. It allows you to drop the blade further down, which is great for me as i hate them being up on my hip. While it does make the sheath a bit ‘floppy’ it doesn’t prevent you from being able to remove the blade with one hand. It doesn’t cling on to the blade as well as some sheaths I’ve had as I didn’t need to put much effort into shaking the blade free. Generally I don’t see it being a problem as it holds well enough for what most people need, but its worth mentioning that it could be a problem if you do some other outdoor tasks such as climbing or kayaking.
The walnut handle is rather small. I don’t have tiny hands, but it’s a perfect fit for me so anybody with larger than average hands may need something-else. Its very smooth and pretty comfortable even if it is small, and overall the balance and feel of this in general is very good. It is such a light blade that it almost feels like a toy, but it does come with the razor-like edge that reminds you how sharp it is if you catch it accidentally (thankfully I have not).
The blade if this knife is made of AUS-8 stainless steel and is 2.4mm thick, so it’s not a workhorse but, it does make for a razor-like edge. The thinner blade isn’t great for batoning. It tended to get stuck in the wood rather than splitting it but, it did get some nice shavings out of a chunk of wood I had laying around. Thanks to the exposed tang for the lanyard hole I hammered the tip into a tin of beans pretty easily and without any damage to the blade or handle, and as it is a thinner blade than I usually carry it was very effective. It’s very light and sometimes quite hard to remember that you actually have a knife at your side because you don’t feel it there. It makes for a very good food prep tool but not really something I would carry for bushcraft or survival.
For the price, I think this is a pretty decent blade. It really gives me some confidence in some of the other higher priced knives that Kizlyar make and hopefully this wont be the last I see of this brand of knife as they seem to have quality and affordability at the top of their priorities. It’s well made and feels good in the hand. If you want a lightweight and comfortable blade for general purpose needs then I think this is great. Due to its size it’s not what I need out of a knife but, the fit and finish is very good for a knife in this price range and as it’s made from stainless steel, it would be an excellent companion for a fisherman. I took it out on a long weekend camping and barely felt it at my side as it’s very light, but used it for everything from cutting cordage opening a tin of all day breakfast.
Kizlyar Supreme Corsair Review
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