MecArmy PT26 Review

  MecArmy PT26 Review

It comes with a carry pouch that has a belt loop and D ring on the back and a premium looking soft wrist lanyard. I don’t know if all of these come withMecArmy PT26 Review the 26650 battery but mine did which gives it the most power and lifespan on a single charge and it also came with a plastic sleeve for the smaller 18650 batteries. There is also a small USB cable for charging and 2 spare O-rings to keep your torch water-tight.

The torch itself is quite short but chunky and  I would prefer it to be an inch longer and then it would be perfect but it is still comfortable to hold and the diamond grip helps give you some extra grip. Its IPx8 rated so it should withstand being submerged below 1m although I haven’t found any information regarding maximum depth or length of time it can be submerged for so I just assume it’s not designed with scuba diving in mind to be safe I will immediately recover it if dropped.

It has a charge and bank capability meaning you can charge another item from the USB slot. There is a full-sized USB slot along with the two micro-USB its easy to tell which you use to charge the torch(micro-USB) and which you use for other devices (USB) and as you can purchase separate batteries at your leisure you can carry as many batteries as you want to charge any other devices you take out with you. This is especially great news for people who are camping or adventuring outdoors for extended periods of time. The double micro-USB is for fast charging (2.5 hours) which is a nice feature as a lot of the time I go adventuring spur the moment so, it’s handy to know I can get a quick charge in for an hour and have plenty of power for a night out.

The are 4 different light settings although depending on the battery you use they will have varying stats. Low, medium, high and turbo. If you use the 26650 battery then you will get more lumens on each setting. You get 3-15 lumen increase on low medium and high but a massive 2500 lumen increase on turbo and a 30-50% increase on run time per charge, so it’s definitely worth spending the extra money for the bigger batteries. you cycle through the modes by holding the button down when the torch is on although if you double tap the switch when off the light automatically goes into turbo which is nice. The only downside is that the torch has no memory function so every time you switch it on it starts on low. I don’t think this is a problem personally as I would likely use more power than I require using higher intensity settings but some people do prefer to have it start higher.

I have used this torch in a few different environments. I have walked the dogs through the woods in the night ( I prefer the privacy and ease of not needing to worry about my dogs misbehaving around strangers), taken it to a camp spot (also at night) and I’ve tested it around the house also. Using the tail stand to leave the torch in one spot I set it on low and still found it easy to navigate my lounge and it lights up my large back garden on high and turbo. The high and turbo settings have been my preferred choice when wandering through the forest as in the middle of the night the more light you have the safer you feel. I have caught glances of the light coming from the LED’s and am confident any ‘would be’ attackers would be immediately blinded and disoriented if I were to shine it directly shine it into their eyes (my eyes hurt just from peripheral glare).

Well it looks like a well made piece of kit, it’s very solid and it has some nice features to go with it. I would like it to be a bit longer so that I could maybe get two batteries in for extended use but it’s not like it doesn’t have a long lifespan on just the one 26550 and it’s easy enough to carry spares. With the IPx8 rating its suitable for a variety of outdoor purposes from walking the dog to exploring spooky locations. It has an impressive beam range and comes with the very handy carrying pouch if you want to attach it to your belt. This will definitely be my main torch for the foreseeable future replacing my cheap ‘generic’ brand torch. I do highly recommend it and you wont be dissatisfied with its capabilities.

MecArmy PT26 Review
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